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  Meli Daskalaki
Honey of Flowers & Herbs


Our company "Meli Daskalaki" has been active for 37 years in the standardization, packaging and trade of honey, offering products that stand out for their excellent quality and unique taste.

It started in 1987, where Mr. Daskalakis with his passion for nature and his interest in the bee world, attended courses at the Athens State Beekeeping School and dedicated himself to the creative process of beekeeping.




  As a free thinker and fan of creativity, he worked to optimize his practice and confirmed his vision through decades of searching and work. With serious effort and quality work, he managed to fulfill his dreams and succeed in beekeeping.  
  Having now been taken over by the 2nd generation, the "Meli Daskalaki" company continues with the same passion to offer quality honey, while it does not stop modernizing in order to always be able to offer you the best products.  
Unsurpassed Quality &
Unique Flavor


Thanks to its characteristic taste, its intoxicating aroma, its bright color and its consistently excellent quality, "Daskalaki honey" has managed to gain the trust of consumers.

The need for a greater quantity of honey production, led us to look for beekeepers who will supply us with their excellent quality honey, so that we can offer this pure product to all our consumers.

  From Greek nature... to your table!

We always work with the best honey producers from all over Greece, who offer us their fine varieties and are selected based on quality and the strictest standards.



since 1987

offering honey that exceeds all expectations!

All our products are produced and packaged in Greece, where European legislation for their production is observed, while our company is certified with the Food Safety Management System FSSC 22000.

You will find our products in super markets, food stores and delicatessens in Athens and throughout Greece, while we also export to various countries around the world.


Our goal is on the one hand to offer all consumers excellent quality honey and on the other hand the continuous development and modernization of our company.

Contact us for any question related to our products or to place your order. Our products are sent directly to Athens and throughout Attica.